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The SMF-AR system accommodates the engine type that does not reach the required exhaust temperatures when regeneration is necessary. This process is accomplished by adding an additive, and heating coils to the filter that will reduce the flashpoint and increase the regeneration cycles.

The additive was originally manufactured to improve the engine and injector lifetime, and later proved to lower the flash point of the soot. Refer to Annexure “D” for guarantees and OEM recommendations. 1L of additive should as a rule last up to 2000L of diesel fuel. The display unit of the SMF-AR system will indicate both the diesel and additive tank levels. Note that an electric level sensor should be available on the diesel tank.

This system will regenerate the filter before the backpressure reaches OEM maximum allowable levels. These maximum OE backpressure and owner safeguard levels are programmed into the system at installation stage as a safeguard.

The SMF-AR System consists of:

  1. A sintered metal filter inside a stainless steel housing,

  2. Engine control unit (ECU) to control the regenerating process, run diagnostics, log backpressure levels, over revving (abuse), exhaust temperatures and fuel and additive tank levels.

  3. Display unit,

  4. Warning buzzer,

  5. Additive tank,

  6. Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF),

  7. Back pressure and temperature probes.

The SMF-AR system can accommodate engines up to 150kW depending on the maximum allowable backpressure ranges. The filter size in m², is determined by using these factors together with the available space for fitment and ease of access for servicing of the unit. The diagram provides a quick reference of the filter size to be fitted.